Amazing Tabata Beginner Training Guide

Amazing Tabata Beginner Training Guide

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Тренировка по протоколу Табата

Continuing to consider individual areas of fitness, one can not help but mention the Tabata protocol. This training approach to interval training was originally developed by Japanese scientists as an effective tool for losing weight. Previously used as an alternative to cardio workouts, it has grown into a full-fledged training method, which is now used along with workout or crossfit.

General information

The history of the protocol begins in 1996, when Professor Izumi Tabata invented this technique as part of work on a method of effective weight loss. The protocol implied combining the incompatible: extremely short workouts with high efficiency. As practice has shown, this turned out to be not a myth, but a reality. So, having conducted research in two groups, Professor Tabata found that those who use his method burn fat more than 80% more efficiently than people using the classical training method.

What is the Tabata protocol? First of all, this is a training approach that combines:

  • accessibility for everyone;
  • high target efficiency;
  • interval loads.

In a separate article, we already described interval training as a more effective way to lose weight in comparison with long hours of running. Tabata is a whole method based on interval training.

Exercises in the Tabat protocol give a greater load than, for example, interval running. In addition, the principle itself includes:

  1. Processing all muscle groups in a circle. For this, multi-stage exercises (burpie, etc.) or a set of several multi-joint exercises performed sequentially (push-ups, squats, press) are used.
  2. Training always takes place with a timer and partner. Each exercise must be performed a certain number of times in a specified time or done the maximum number of times in a minimum time (usually from 20 to 25 seconds).
  3. Reduction of rest time between sets to 10 seconds. This is enough to fill the body with oxygen, but not enough to give the muscle tissues a rest.
  4. Work always takes place in a specific pulse zone (much higher than the fat burning zone). Therefore, all workouts are using a heart rate monitor.
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Tabata protocol has several advantages over classical training methods:

  • Efficiency for both general weight loss and drying. Due to the intense work of the heart, your muscles do not have time to undergo serious catabolic reactions, while fat becomes a more affordable source of energy before glycogen in the absence of oxygen. But on drying, it is still recommended to combine it with classical strength training in order to minimize muscle loss.
  • Minimal injury hazard. If you warm up and use the classic Tabata protocol, the risk of injury is very small.
  • Short training time. Tabata protocol can be used separately from other workouts. Lesson times rarely exceed 10-20 minutes, which allows you to give them a place even in an extremely busy schedule.
  • Allows you to prepare ligaments and tendons within the periodization system. Tabata protocol allows you to train your heart, increase aerobic and anaerobic endurance, master the basic technique of workout exercises and at the same time bring muscle tissue into tone.

Подъем ног и корпуса на пресс


Tabata protocol has no specific contraindications for exercise. All warnings are standard for sports:

  1. The presence of problems with the cardiovascular system.
  2. Diseases of the digestive tract.
  3. Presence of problems with ligaments and tendons.
  4. Pregnancy.
  5. Hypotension and hypertension.
  6. Type 1 diabetes.
  7. Atherosclerosis.
  8. Obesity of the 2nd degree and above.

The latter is due to the fact that with the high intensity of the Tabat protocol, people are likely to damage the joints and get heart problems, up to the “sports heart” syndrome.

Although training on the system is not contraindicated for beginners, even in the absence of any physical form, it will be better for them to first do 1-2 general months of general physical fitness, and then proceed to the protocol. Otherwise, the system is suitable for everyone.

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Editorial note: although the Tabata protocol does not imply a warm-up, we still recommend a full warm-up of the body before performing the complexes, since this reduces the risk of injuries and stress on the heart, which is especially important for people over 35 years of age.

Beginner Exercises

The Tabata Protocol is known for being used not only for training professional athletes, but also for keeping your body in good shape. Sometimes it is even used during the rehabilitation of people after simple injuries, when it is necessary to restore mobility without heavily loading the muscles.

Tabata protocol is suitable for beginners if you use appropriate exercises:

1 Classical push-ups. Almost everyone will master them. Plus, there are always simplified types of push-ups, for example, from the knees.

2 Explosive jumps. They are working on several muscle groups and are interesting in terms of performance. You can simply jump from the half-squat position, or you can jump onto a pedestal or stacked pancakes from a bar.

Запрыгивание на коробку

3 Lateral jumps. You need to jump to the side from the semi-squat position.

4 Spiderman Push-ups. A more complex variation of push-ups, which works out not only the muscles of the arms and chest, but also the muscles of the press. When lowering the body, one leg must be bent at the knee and pulled to the arm of the same name. In the next repetition, the other leg.

Отжимания спайдер-мена

5 Dead beetle. One of the best and easiest press systems. In the supine position, you need to take turns to raise opposite arms and legs bent at the knee.

Упражнение Мертвый жук

6 Berpy. A classic element of modern crossfit. If it is not carried out in extreme quantities, a burpee is perfect for beginners. Few people know, but the most popular burpee was acquired precisely because of Tabat.

Техника выполнения берпи

7 Super Jumps. Squat jumping with legs tossing until heels touch the buttocks.

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Прыжки с касанием пятками ягодиц

Cross Tabata

CrossFit is a direction that has absorbed the best from various areas of fitness, but few people know that the Tabata protocol played a decisive role in the formation of crossfit as a sport.

It’s all about the principles of CrossFit and Tabata, which have a lot in common:

  1. 1 High-intensity interval loads.
  2. Priority over the aerobic component. Although many crossfit complexes are performed with greater rest than in Tabata, they also mean working at maximum speed with minimizing rest.
  3. 3A variety of exercises.
  4. 4Use of light exercises to work out the maximum number of muscle groups. A typical example is the burpee. This exercise works on almost the entire body in a few repetitions.
  5. Lack of narrow specialization. Both Tabata and Crossfit have exercises of different orientations, ranging from light calisthenics to more complex workout elements.

Crossfit often uses whole trainings according to the Tabata protocol, for example, working with the balance board in this mode or performing heavy basic exercises without scaling.


Finally, a few words about time. Tabata protocol is an ideal solution for people who spend most of the day at work and for some reason cannot go to the gym or devote enough time to training. With this method, you can easily reduce your workout time from one hour to several minutes and you can do it during your lunch break or in the morning instead of traditional charging.

We can say that the Tabat protocol is a real paradise for “lazy people”. The only problem is that in these 5-20 minutes you get a really huge load, which there is a risk of not being able to cope without prior preparation.

But remember: you do not pump up huge muscles using this approach to training exclusively, however, perfectly prepare your body for the upcoming trip to the gym, return your muscles tonus after a long break and lose weight by several kilograms.