How to Perform Two-day weight split program

Two-day weight split program: how-to, proper form

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It often happens that an athlete is limited in time and cannot visit the gym more than twice a week. Many eventually decide that such rare workouts are of no use and lose their serious attitude to the training process. How to train in a similar situation – not to give up work on your body at all? Intuitive training in this case is definitely not suitable.

However, you can grow even by training twice a week, for this you need three things: systematic, regularity and consistency. The only option to put this into practice is a two-day split to the mass. Observing such a training system, you will progress stably even in the conditions of two visits to the gym per week.

Read this article to the end and learn how to properly build this training program and what results in developing your own body you will achieve with its help.

What is a two day split?

The “split” training principle means that on different days we train different muscle groups, and not the whole body, every workout. Therefore, we have only two days to work out all the muscles. It is most rational to conditionally break our body into top and bottom.

Training principle

In one day, we fully work out all the muscles of the top – chest, back, arms, shoulders and abs, doing 2-3 exercises for large muscle groups and one for small ones. Such a volume of work will be quite enough to keep them in good shape and provide prerequisites for growth. After two or three days of complete rest after training the top of the body, we do a full volume training on the legs, at one time trying to properly load the quadriceps, hip biceps, buttock and calf muscles.

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In this scenario, you will have more than enough time to fully recover between workouts. After all, the larger the muscle, the more time it needs to recover. Therefore, it is advisable to make the training difficult, giving all the best in each approach of each exercise. So you will steadily become larger and stronger when using a two-day split. If you train through the sleeves, you will not achieve a special result – two trainings a week will not be enough due to the small amount of work.

Of course, there will be no growth with insufficient nutrition. A calorie surplus of 10-20% of the daily requirement for a particular athlete is required.

Recommendations for using the program

The program is suitable for those athletes who have:

  • There is no time or opportunity to frequent the gym.
  • But at the same time there are enough resources (nutrition, sleep) to recover.

Training on the principle of a two-day split, we work out several large muscle groups at once in one session. Therefore, it is worth using mainly only heavy basic exercises, after which you need to recover for a long time (we have a week for this), and a minimum of isolation. Sometimes it’s prudent to add a cardio load at the end of the workout. How to correctly combine all this with people with different body types, read in the following sections.

Two-day ectomorph training

The most important thing for ectomorphs is not to fall into a state of catabolism. Their workouts should be fairly short and intense.

The optimal training duration is 1 hour. The maximum is one and a half. Also, do not forget to add the right food for ectomorph, which will greatly enhance the training effect.

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It may seem that there are few exercises – there are not enough, for example, separate movements for biceps, triceps, middle and back deltas. However, adding all these exercises, we will greatly overload the program. At least 2 hours will have to be spent on training, and the effectiveness will be lower. Ectomorphs with such a split will have enough basic exercises on the back, chest and shoulders, where the above small muscle groups are involved.

During a workout, it is advisable to consume a cocktail of BCAAs and simple carbohydrates, it will maintain your performance at the proper level and prevent the production of the stress hormone cortisol. After training, you can drink another same cocktail or a serving of gainer.

Cardio ectomorphs are strongly discouraged, unless it is required for health reasons.

Mass split for mesomorph

For mesomorphs, the training process is built in almost the same way. They gain muscle mass quite easily, although “pure” mesomorphs are not common. They can do a little more training volume than ectomorphs, and caloric surplus may not be so high, 10-15% will be enough.

The genetics of mesomorphs is well adapted for muscle hypertrophy, so most of them will consistently have an increase in weight and strength even from two workouts per week. Pay special attention to the nutrition of the mesomorph, because even with competent training, but the wrong diet, a person with such a physique risks, along with muscle mass, easily gain excess fat.

You can add cardio training depending on your tendency to be overweight. In general, they are not required.

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Endomorph Workout Program

Even athletes with an endomorphic physique, who are not able to visit the gym often, have good chances to improve their physique with just two lessons per week.

Some isolation exercises have already been added here. There is no need to work in them to failure, the main task is to “finish off” a certain muscle, which before that has already received a load in the basic exercise. In heavy movements, rest until recovery, in isolation – rest for about a minute, so that only breathing is restored. The whole workout can take up to two hours.

On days of rest from strength training, it is recommended to do 30-40 minutes of light cardio load to maintain a high metabolic rate and burn excess calories. If you do not have time, do cardio after power, there is no glycogen in the muscles, so only fat will be burned.

Endomorphs need to be very careful about caloric surpluses if they don’t want to gain too much. Try not to abuse simple carbohydrates, eat more protein and do not go beyond 10% of the daily calorie intake.