Push-ups for the upper and lower pectoral muscles

Push-Ups For The Upper And Lower Pectoral Muscles: Techniques, Benefits, Variations

A pumped chest is one of the goals for men who play sports. At home, push-ups are the best exercise. Different variations of training will allow you to affect a particular area of the pectoral muscles.

An important exercise to give relief to the body are push-ups for the pectoral muscles. With their help, it is possible to influence the bundles of fibers that form a beautiful breast. In fact, this is the opposite of the bench press. Let us consider in more detail the training variations of such a plan.

It is very important for men and women to keep their pectoral muscles in good shape.

Principle of exposure

Depending on the position of the arms and body during the push-ups, the effect of the exercise is different. Basically, the load falls on the shoulders and triceps, but if you use a wide setting of the hands, the emphasis shifts directly to the area of the pectoral muscles. In this position, the load is clearly felt in working areas.

To understand what muscles work when performing this or that type of exercise, it is necessary to consider the structure of the chest group. The main load is received by the pectoralis major muscle, but with a wide grip it is possible to activate the pectoralis minor. The internal structure of the large muscle should also be considered. It is easiest to use its middle sternal-rib part, that is, the middle zone.

The structure of the chest

Important: for full-fledged training and creating an aesthetic relief, it is also necessary to use exercises to work out the upper clavicular and lower abdominal areas.

In order not only to tighten the chest, but also to develop exercises for the mass, it is necessary to use additional weight. To do this, it is best to use weighting vests and similar equipment.

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The best exercises for the pectoral muscles and the subtleties of their implementation

A manly torso is the dream of many men, which is achievable, but requires aspiration and perseverance. Let’s look at the best exercises for the pectoral muscles, which will help to achieve a good result.

Types of exercises

To know how to do push-ups, to pump up the pectoral muscles, you should consider the main exercises that can maximize the use of this zone. The training program should include at least one of them, if other methods for working out the chest zone are not provided.

Top part

To begin, consider push-ups on the top of the pectoral muscles. You should start with the standard exercise – push-ups with a wide setting of hands.

Standard arm flexion with extended arms

Standard arm flexion with extended arms

Such workouts redistribute the load and work out the chest well. Since it will be difficult for beginners to complete a full-time workout from the floor, the first weeks you can do push-ups from your knees until you get stronger.

The system for the upper chest muscles usually includes a bench press. Replace it with push-ups with your head down. In this position, the clavicular zone, as well as delta bundles, are better worked out. Legs should be elevated, body and head at floor level. To strengthen the load, you can use the emphasis on the wall with your feet.

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The best exercise for the upper pectoral muscle

The best exercise for the upper pectoral muscle

Middle and lower

Classical push-ups and almost all of their other types have an effect on the middle part of the chest. Since this muscle is large enough, it is easier to activate during training. When the usual load is not enough, you can use the following techniques:

  • increase the number of approaches while reducing rest intervals;
  • use fewer approaches while increasing repetitions per set;
  • apply weighting agents;
  • introduce sophisticated exercise variations into the training program.
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What to do in a particular case, the trainer will tell you. If you turn to the last option, push-ups on chairs or books will be a good exercise. The hands are in such a position that they can increase the amplitude of movement of the body and better affect the middle part of the pectoral muscle.

Push-ups with increased amplitude work well in the middle zone

Push-ups with increased amplitude work well in the middle zone

Very important and push-ups on the lower chest for men. To work out this area, push-ups on the bars are often used.

Push-ups on the bars help tighten the lower group of pectoral muscles

Tip: using this exercise for the lower pectoral muscles, it is recommended to increase the load with the help of various kinds of weighting agents.

With the correct performance of push-ups, triceps, deltas and the middle bundle of the pectoral muscle are also worked out.


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Training the pectoral muscles for strength and mass

Training the pectoral muscles for mass makes the body shape attractive. Need perseverance and desire. Let’s look at a set of exercises.

Training program

A high-quality complex of push-ups for the pectoral muscles should combine several exercises, with the help of which all areas of the chest are fully worked out. To do this, you need to vary the position of the body and the setting of the hands. Gradually increase the load, since getting used to the same level of exposure leads to a slowdown in progression and the absence of a visible result.

For example, a program may include such push-ups:

  • on the uneven bars;
  • with increased amplitude;
  • in tilt;
  • explosive.
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Explosive or plyometric push-ups help strengthen the effect on the muscles and train their explosive strength. These are push exercises, that is, lifting the hull. An example is push-ups with supports go cotton.

Sample push-up training program

To generate static voltage, slow push-ups (with a stop) are used. It is necessary to stay in position on bent arms for several seconds at the extreme and middle points of the exercise. Wide push-ups from the bench are also suitable. The bench can be used not only as a support for the hands, but also placed on it legs for training head down.

The video shows different types of push-ups.

You need to start classes with a warm-up and a small number of repetitions in one approach. From the third week, begin to reduce the rest time between sets. The number of circles should be within 2-5 sets. For muscle growth, it is important not only to use the auxiliary weight, but also to give them a rest. It is during the recovery period that an increase in muscle mass occurs. The best option is training 3 times a week every other day. A large number of exercises for the same muscle group does not make sense, so stop at 3-4 options covering the area of interest to you.

With a properly designed program of push-ups, you can do without a barbell press and breeding dumbbells and maintain physical fitness at home.