Encyclopedia of exercises for the deltoid muscles – deltoid workout

In this article you will find a list of the main delta exercises, including basic bench presses and isolating exercises for beams. There are many options for isolating exercises, so in addition to the main exercise, we will give you an alternative. This is a list of the main exercises. Let’s go!

Front And Middle Deltoid Exercises

Seated Dumbbell Press:                        

This is the only exercise that puts a very serious strain on the deltas. The exercise is multi-joint, so we will work with great weight. Our goal in this exercise is to achieve an increase in deltoid muscle mass. Training can be varied, both low-repetitive and multi-repetitive. Preferably low repeat: 6-10 times, no more.

Although it is safer for joints to perform dumbbell presses, sometimes it’s worth picking up the bar of the bar. Just do not take heavy weights, not more than the weight of dumbbells.

Sitting dumbbell presses is basic, so we recommend starting the training with this exercise. After we move on to isolating exercises.

A few words about technique.

Front And Middle Deltoid Exercises

To begin with, take a position while sitting on a bench, firmly pressing your lower back to the back of the bench. Do not deflect the body, otherwise, you will begin to perform the inclined presses, also on the chest ones. Keep the body straight.

Hold the dumbbells firmly, with a grip in a line, with the inside of your palms away from you. Raise your elbows to a right angle in your bent arm. This is the starting position.

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that you need to keep your head straight, not bending forward.

From this position, we do the dumbbell press up, straightening the arms. By the way, if you, without changing the grip, deploy dumbbells at the top point parallel to each other, the front deltas will be included in the work.

To properly perform the technique of this exercise, swing dumbbells on the rise is prohibited. Exhale at the top when squeezing dumbbells. And also, keep in mind that the exercise should be dynamic, but measured. There are no stops at either the top or bottom points, you will have time to relax after, press. And carefully follow the technique so as not to lose control.


The bench press in the simulator is a valid alternative.

Of course, no one will stand against the bench press.

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But it’s better to choose the bench presses in a sitting position.

Isolation Middle Deltoids Exercises

Lifting dumbbells to the side in a sitting position:

Somehow they managed to forget this exercise, but in vain, this is an excellent insulating exercise for medium bunches of deltas, since the muscles of the body are practically not involved. It is best of course to perform in a sitting position, so as not to connect the body, which will take the load from the deltas.

We recommend lifting to the sides immediately after the bench press, and this is why. After the presses, exercises with isolation for each beam are definitely needed. And so the middle bundle dominates the creation of the musculature of the shoulders, we start with the lifting to the sides.

No one does isolation exercises with enormous weight. You need to work for strength in basic exercises. Therefore, choose a normal weight lifting 10 to 12 repetitions per set.

A few words about technique.

Isolation Middle Deltoids Exercises

The sitting position on the bench is the same as in the first exercise. It’s just worth putting the feet narrow, so as not to cheat on the hills. On lifts, the hull must remain stationary.

The arms are straight, but do not snap the joint, leave a slight bend in the elbow. Do not bend your elbows strongly, otherwise, you will lose the technique, and you won’t work out the middle bunch normally. We hold the dumbbells with a grip parallel to each other. Do not tilt your head, neither forward nor backward, keep it straight.

When lifting, it is better to start moving with the elbows, so that in the final position the elbows are slightly higher than the hands, dumbbells parallel to the floor. Exhale above with a slight delay in breathing.

Once again about weight! You will realize that you have chosen too much weight for you, if at the top point you have to bend your elbows strongly because of their weight. Reduce weight, do not sacrifice equipment.

Perhaps in the process you will still start reading, nodding your case. This is acceptable, but do not tear your back and lower back from the back of the bench.


Lifts to the sides in the simulator are distinguished as a valid alternative.

Of course, against the dilutions on the blocks, no one will.

But it’s better to choose the side rises in a standing position.

Front And Middle Delts Workout

Barbell pull to chin in standing position:

This, of course, is not the main exercise, and therefore we do it not by the first number, but, nevertheless, the basic exercise. We will not work with large weights when performing this exercise.

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To improve the effect, it is better to put this exercise at the end of the complex, when we can finish the delta with a small weight, due to fatigue.

A few words about technique.

Front And Middle Delts Workout

At the start, stand straight, hold your back, tighten the abs, straighten your shoulders, legs bend slightly at the knees, legs shoulder-width apart. We choose an EZ-bar for exercise, to reduce tension in the wrists and avoid injuries. EZ-bar hold grip, shoulder-width apart. Take care of the shoulder joints, do not put your hands close to the fingerboard, it is traumatic and reduces the amplitude of movement.

In the initial position, hold the bar down in front of you, without tilting the case forward.

Then we lift the bar up, the higher the better, right up to the chin. If you experience pain symptoms in the shoulders, lift the bar not high, not higher than the lower border of the chest. Only make the movement by raising the elbows, do not pull the bar at the expense of the brushes, and do not swing the case. The elbows should be spaced, do not bring them together at the top point. Exhalation is at the top of the amplitude.

Wide grip upright row alternative:

The pull in Smith simulator is singled out as an acceptable alternative.

It’s better to choose a rod with a straight neck.

According To The Plan, Next – The Front Deltoid Workout.

Barbell raises in front of you in a standing position:

This isolating exercise will set the front bundles of the deltoid muscles, especially after working on the middle and posterior bundles.

Choose a barbell with such weight you can do 10-12 repetitions without loss of equipment. Sometimes you can increase the weight of the bar, performing fewer repetitions.

If your front bundles are poorly developed, put this exercise number two after the presses.

A few words about technique.

Front Deltoid Workout

Starting position, standing, as in the previous exercise. We keep the barbell on weight, not pressing it to the body, with a grip on the width of the shoulders.

Do not forget about the possibility of injuries due to the tight frame, so at the first sign of pain, we switch to dumbbells to give the joint more freedom.

Perform the exercise, slowly raise the bar to the level of the clavicle. Not higher, otherwise a trapezoid will come into operation, and the necessary load will not finish the front deltas. In order to extend the moment of reduction, in the upper position we make a delay.

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Do not stagger, keep the body straight. When it doesn’t turn out otherwise, use the bench for bench press, with emphasis on the chest. And in this position, raise your hands to an angle of ninety degrees.

Alternative of front deltoid exercise:

Cable front raise is a valid alternative.

Of course, you can also lift dumbbells in front of you, instead of the barbell.

But it is better to choose the lifts in front of you in a sitting position.

And Finally, Rear Delt Exercises.


Perform this exercise at the end of the training 10-12 times.

If you want to rock the total mass of deltas, perform this exercise second in a row, since the rear beam is the most voluminous and it is he who gives volume to the entire delta to a greater extent.

Also, it is usually the back bundle that lags behind in development, so change the sequence of exercises in the complex. And in the event that your goal is to expand the shoulders in the process of working on medium bundles, do not forget to perform breeding in the simulator.

A few words about technique.

Rear Delt Exercises

Before you begin the exercise, select the necessary height of the simulator, in which the straight arms on the handles will be parallel to the floor.

Sit in the simulator, rest against the back with the chest, keep the head and back straight. To prevent neck muscle strain, do not turn your head while doing this exercise.

Grip the handle of the treadmill with a neutral grip. The elbows must be in line with the shoulders and hands.

Then, make a breeding of hands, the elbows should go behind your back. At the same time, do not raise your shoulders, do everything skillfully. In the position of the extension of the hands hold for a moment, and return to the starting position. Perform the exercise dynamically, returning to the starting position is slow.

It is believed that this exercise is more effective than dilutions with dumbbells, since the help of the body is impossible in the simulator.

Alternative to Peck-Deck:

Reverse dilutions on blocks in a standing position is a valid alternative.

Of course, you can perform breeding dumbbells in the slope.

But it is better to choose breeding on blocks in a slope.

See you in the gym!