Effective deltoid exercises - basic and insulating delts to overhead

Effective deltoid exercises – basic and isolated overhead press

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Big shoulders (delts) are as desirable for bodybuilding beginners as big biceps. The big muscles of the shoulders make the back wider and give the upper body a V-shape. Do not forget that basic back exercises with weights effectively pump your arms (biceps, triceps and shoulders). It is the “base” that will provide you with a large mass.

упражнения на плечи - базовые и изолирующие

In isolation shoulders exercises you will work with light weights and increase them more slowly than in the basic exercises. But isolation exercises alone are not very effective if the goal is muscle gain.

How often should I do shoulder exercises with dumbbells ?

If you go to the gym 3 times a week, then you do not need to set aside a separate workout for your shoulders. 2 exercises are enough – one basic with a barbell and the second isolation with dumbbells. It may be necessary to highlight a separate workout for the shoulders if you have been engaged in bodybuilding for a long time, have noticed that your shoulders are “behind” and want to pay more attention to them.

The deltoid muscle of the shoulder consists of three bundles:

  • front bunch – is responsible for raising a hand in front of you
  • lateral beam – takes your hand to the side
  • back beam – takes your hand back
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For the development of deltas, basic exercises (including many different muscles) and isolation exercises (maximum load falls on the muscle being worked out) are used. The best and most effective are bench presses on the shoulders.

The most effective shoulder exercises (delts)

Basic Shoulder Exercises

  • Bench press from chest
  • Bench press
  • Chin bar pull

Isolation exercises

  • Dumbbell fly
  • Incline dumbbell fly
  • Sitting dumbbell bench press
  • Arnold Bench Press
  • Front dumbbell lift

Basic Delts Exercises and Rear Shoulder Workout

Bench press up is one of the best exercises for increasing the mass of the deltoid muscles of the shoulders.

Bench press up from behind the head

The main work is performed by the lateral and front bundles of deltas.

Technique of execution:

  • sit on a bench, put the barbell on your shoulders;
  • chest forward, scapula bring together;
  • the grip is slightly wider than the shoulders – at the lower point of the forearm are perpendicular to the floor;
  • squeeze the bar above the head until the arms are straightened, while the head leans forward slightly;
  • slowly lower the bar to the base of the neck and repeat the exercise.

If you want to reduce the load on the spine, do the exercise while sitting on a bench with a back.

Bench press from chest

The bench press from the chest shifts the load on the front bundles of the deltas.

Technique of execution:

  • while lowering the barbell on the chest, elbows slightly forward;
  • squeeze the bar up the same way as with the press from behind the head – do not lean back or forward, hands with the bar are in the same plane with the body – perpendicular to the floor.
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Chin bar pull

The chin pull is best done with a curved EZ bar or dumbbell. This removes unnecessary strain from the wrists; during the exercise they will be in a more natural position.

Technique of execution:

  • take the bar with a grip slightly narrower than the shoulders;
  • bend your elbows slightly;
  • pull the bar up using the muscles of the shoulders, trying as little as possible to include biceps and triceps;
  • the shoulders are always above the forearms, the goal of the exercise is to raise the shoulders to the parallel with the floor or slightly higher, and not touch the bar of the chin.

Isolation shoulder exercises: from Shoulder press to Overhead and Others

Standing dumbbell fly

Dumbbells fly is an isolation exercise for medium bundles of deltoid muscles.

Technique of execution:

  • stand straight, bend your arms slightly at the elbows;
  • lift the dumbbells through the sides until the shoulders are parallel to the floor;
  • elbows need to be turned upward (they will look at the ceiling), while turning the wrists and hands so that the little finger at the top of the movement is higher than the thumb;
  • lower your hands slowly and repeat the exercise;
  • hands all the time slightly bent at the elbows.

Remember, in this exercise, your goal is not to raise the dumbbells as high as possible, but to bring your shoulders to a position parallel to the floor.

So that the maximum load falls on the shoulders, do not swing the body and do not perform movement due to inertia.

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Incline dumbbell fly

Technique of execution:

  • lie down on an incline bench;
  • bend your elbows with dumbbells slightly;
  • raise your hands up through the sides until the shoulders are parallel to the floor;
  • do not throw your hands down, maintain muscle tension.

Sitting dumbbell bench press

The technique for performing the exercise is similar to the upward barbell press.

Arnold Bench Press

Arnold’s bench press is one of the most effective shoulder exercises that works out the anterior bundle of deltoid muscles.

Technique of execution:

  • take dumbbells in your hands with your palms facing you;
  • bend your arms at the elbows and press your shoulders to the body (do not spread your elbows to the sides);
  • squeeze the dumbbells up, rotating your wrists at the moment when the elbows are at the level of the chin;
  • lower the dumbbells down by rotating your wrists in the reverse order.

Front dumbbell lift

Most of the load falls on the front deltas.

Technique of execution:

  • starting position – standing, hands with dumbbells should be on the front surface of the hips;
  • grasp – with palms facing you;
  • raise your hands in front of you, slightly bending them at the elbows;
  • the goal is to raise the shoulders to the parallel with the floor;
  • Do not jerk dumbbells or help yourself with the help of the body – this will reduce the load on the deltas.

During the warm-up before training, be sure to do exercises on the shoulders with a light, “warm-up” weight. This will save you from shoulder injuries, which is very common among those involved in bodybuilding and strength sports.