Dumbbell Workout – How To Strengthen Muscles By Working Out With Small Dumbbells

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Surely many people who do not have the most aesthetically pleasing body often wonder if it is possible to quickly and without any problems build and strengthen muscles without using large weights. In fact, it does not matter what kind of weight you use, it is much more important the correct performance of such exercises. Even if you use a relatively light weight, you can very seriously strengthen your muscles. In some cases, in order to achieve your goal, it will be enough for you to work out for several months at home, without visiting the gym. How to do it? Let’s talk about this today.

What Exercises Should I Do – Best Dumbbells Exercises

Before you begin to perform certain types of exercises, you should understand that it is necessary to select weight based on your abilities and fitness. At the very beginning, if you have not had any serious stress in the last few years, it is worth starting with a 1-kilogram dumbbell. This weight is optimal in order to perform exercises for an hour or more, and at a fairly intense pace. Dumbbell workout weighing 2 kilograms should be used by more trained people. If until now you have never been involved in sports, it is necessary to significantly reduce the pace and reduce the training time with such a projectile.

In order to be able to significantly increase your muscles, you need to use dumbbells weighing 5 kilograms. However, this weight is suitable only for men, as for women, then 2 kilogram dumbbells will be enough for them.

To strengthen the muscles, you should perform these fairly simple exercises.

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  1. Stand on a flat surface, relax your hands and lower them. At the expense of one, bend your arms at the elbows, raise them two by two, and raise our arms three by three. After that, we return to the starting position. Do 20 reps in 3 sets.
  2. Standing, hands forward, hands up, hands holding the head without spreading in different directions, hands up, starting position. The number of sets is the same.
  3. Standing, put your hands up, hands down, one hand up, the second hand up, lower your hands. The same number of sets.

Dumbbell Workout

These three simple exercises with a small weight will help you achieve quite serious success and strengthen your muscles sumo squat bodybuilding. Remember that such exercises should be performed only if you do not have contraindications and serious health problems. Otherwise, consult a specialist before starting active training.