30 exercises for hard cardio workout, which will leave you without strength

30 Exercises For Intense Cardio Workout To Burn Fat And Build Muscle

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Get ready to jump a lot, work with your legs and body.

If you do not like running, cycling and other monotonous activity, this is not a reason to give up cardio training. We will show you 30 cool self-weighting exercises that are worth a try.

How to make a workout

  1. Determine your workout time, such as 30 minutes.
  2. For a more comfortable count, choose 10 or 15 exercises. Or do all 30.
  3. Do the exercises in a row, one after the other. Allow 40 seconds for one exercise, then rest for 20 seconds and move on to the next.
  4. After the end of the circle, you can rest for 1-2 minutes or immediately start it again. If you choose 10 exercises, you will get three circles, if 15 – two, if 30 – one.

You can easily adjust the training time and its complexity. If you want it easier – increase the rest time between sets, harder – rest less.

If you have a fitness bracelet, watch the pulse . Throughout the training, it should not fall below 150 beats per minute. Then your cardio training in efficiency will be comparable to a long measured run and even surpass it in terms of pumping different muscle groups.

Very busy people can do Tabata . Classical tabata lasts 4 minutes and consists of eight intervals: 20 seconds of work + 10 seconds of rest. Choose 2, 4, or 8 exercises and complete one or more laps with maximum intensity. This workout will help you burn more calories in minimal time and pump stamina.

What exercises to perform

  1. High knee jumps

Bounce in place, each time bringing the knee high up. Help yourself with your hands.

  1. Plank

Stand in the classic plank on your palms, with a jump, spread your legs wider and return to the starting position.

  1. Modified side lunges

Take a wide step to the side and transfer the body weight from one leg to the other through a deep squat. Tilt your body as if you were crawling under a fence, but keep your back straight. After that, straighten and put your legs together. From this position, kick to the side. If there is not enough stretching, do not try to raise your foot very high. You may fall or be injured.

  1. Inverted V Plank

Stand in the classic plank, with your feet as close to your arms as possible. Return to starting position and repeat.

  1. Lunge jump with knee extension

Lunge back with your right foot, touch the knee on the floor. Jump out of this position while taking the knee of the right leg forward and up. Land and go back to the lunge. Divide the time interval into two parts. Do half the exercise with one leg, half with the other.

  1. Plank Side Jumps
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Stand in the classic plank on your palms. With two legs, jump to the right, as if trying to reach the shoulder. With a jump, return to the starting position and repeat in the other direction.

  1. Jumping Jack

With your jump, place your feet wider than your shoulders, while clapping your hands above your head. With a jump, return to the starting position and repeat.

  1. Cross Jacks

Make the first jump: legs are wide, arms are parallel to the floor. Then, with a jump, cross your legs and arms and return to the starting position.

  1. Classics

Jump on two legs, spaced wider than shoulder-width, then on and again two, as if you are playing hopscotch. Alternate legs to evenly distribute the load.

  1. Lunge jumps

Find a stand that rises 20-30 centimeters from the floor. Touch it with one foot, then change legs with a jump. Keep up the pace.

  1. Sideways jumps with knee extension

Jump to the right, raise your left knee to the waist level, then repeat the same thing to the other side. Make fast, narrow jumps. If you practice on a rug, do not go beyond its borders.

  1. Asymmetric push-ups

Stand on your knees. Put one hand further to the side, do push-ups . Return to starting position and repeat in the other direction.

  1. Lunge with the swing

Lunge back with your right foot, touch the knee on the floor. Stand up, swing your leg forward and again go into a lunge. Do half the time with one foot, half with the other.

  1. Jumping lunges

With a jump, go into the lunge, jump to the starting position and again into the lunge from the other leg. In order not to hit the knee, do not bring it to the floor.

  1. Breakdancer

Sit down on the floor, palms under your shoulders, knees bent, feet on the pads. Tear off the left arm and right leg from the floor, turn the body and pelvis to the left, make a forward blow with the right foot, keep your left arm bent next to your chest. Return to starting position and repeat in the other direction.

  1. V-fold

Lie on the floor on your back, tear off your shoulders and legs from the floor. Keep straight arms and legs at an angle of 45 degrees from the floor. From this position, make a fold: touch your feet with your hands and go back. Do not put your shoulders and legs on the floor until the end of the exercise.

  1. Sideways Sumo
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Keep your hands behind your head. Do the sumo squat : place your legs wide, socks and knees maximize to the sides and sit down parallel to the floor. At the exit of the squat, lift the right knee to the side, tilt the body to the right and touch the knee to the elbow. Do the squat again, but now at the exit, touch the left elbow with the left knee. Continue alternating sides.

  1. 180 Degree Squat

Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart, socks slightly turned to the sides. Do a squat, turn the body to the left, with your right hand touch the floor between the feet, pull the left up. Jump out of this position, in a jump, connect your hands above your head and turn 180 degrees to the right. Land in the same position: squat, body turned to the right, left hand touches the floor, right hand looks at the ceiling.

  1. Reaching the Warrior III Pose

Stand straight, raise your bent right leg. From this position, take your foot back, while lowering the body to parallel with the floor and stretching your arms forward. At the end point of the arm, body and one leg should be parallel to the floor. Return to starting position and repeat. Do half the time with one foot, half with the other.

  1. Lumberjack

Put your feet shoulder width apart. Join hands and lift them above the right shoulder, while turning the body and pelvis to the right. The left heel comes off the floor. Move your arms diagonally down to your left thigh. The body and pelvis turn left, the knees bend a little. The movement looks like you are swinging and chopping a tree that grows next to your left thigh.

To do the exercise, pick up a medball or dumbbell .

  1. Knee to elbow plank

Starting position is plank with palms under your shoulders, legs are straight. Bend your right leg and bring your knee to your elbow. Return to the lying position and repeat with the other leg.

  1. Plank steps

Starting position is plank with palms under your shoulders, legs are together. Take a step with your left hand crosswise and place it in front of your right. At the same time, take a wide step with your right foot to the side. Then take a step to the right with your right hand, and substitute the left foot to the right. This one time.

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Perform three times to the right and three times to the left. When you go to the left, during the cross-movement, the right hand is placed in front of the left.

  1. Elbow plank with knee to elbow

Stand in plank at your elbows. Bring the pelvis up, lift the right leg, bent at the knee, and try to reach the chest with the knee. Return to starting position and repeat with the other leg.

  1. Push-up side plank

Perform push-ups and turn to the side bar: turn the body to the right, tear off your right hand from the floor and raise it up. Lock for a second, return to the lying position, do push-ups and the bar to the other side.

  1. The bridge

Sit on the floor, bend your knees, place your feet on the floor, put your palms behind you. Lift the pelvis so that the body stretches in a line from knees to shoulders. At the top, strain your buttocks every time to work them out better.

  1. Climber

Lie down. Pull the knee to the chest, the foot can be left in the air or put on the floor under the basin. Change your legs with a jump, try to keep the pelvis in one place.

  1. Box jumping

Find a steady elevation of at least 50 centimeters in height. Jump on it, straighten up completely, get off or jump back and repeat.

  1. Burpee

From a straight position, through the emphasis of lying down, drop to the floor, touch the floor with your chest and hips. With a jump, put your legs closer to your hands, straighten up and jump up. In a jump, clap your hands above your head.

  1. Jumping out of squats

Squat to parallel to the floor or a little lower. Jump up and go back into the squat. Try not to tear off your heels during exercise.

  1. Skater

Tilt the case forward, make a sliding jump to the side with your right foot, put the left one crosswise behind the right one, and swing your arms to the right with your hands. Repeat the other way. The movement resembles a fast ice skating.